African Migrants – Motivation

Globe and Mail writer, Doug Saunder’s article “The real reasons why migrants risk everything for a new life elsewhere” is a great challenging read for senior students. It addresses stereotypes, requires critical thinking about the voices not heard in most news reporting and encourages further curiosity and research.

I find students respond really well to ideas that challenge conventional wisdom. This article encourages its readers to rethink what they “know” about migrants from African nations trying to reach Europe.  This Google Docs version of the article includes some response / analysis prompts: close reading task.

Analyze characters through the lens of brain theory

We all wear emotional, psychological blinders that help us to make sense of the world, but also limit our understanding of the world.  This article describes eight common psychological traps that prevent us from fully and accurately understanding our world.

8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day and How to Prevent Them

Challenge students to analyze how an author has created characters that illustrate these cognitive mistakes, or how these cognitive mistakes have contributed to the plot of a story.