Emaze.com – web based presentations

Emaze is a very artfully designed web based presentation tool. It features a variety of stylish and original templates particularly for presentations that are designed to be shared individually and viewed on a computer rather than as a backdrop to a speech to a large group.

It also has tools to create very effective infographics.

As a starting point, you might as students to create a five or six slide autobiography as a way to introduce themselves to you and their classmates.  They could post the links to their creations on a shared Google Doc for everyone to see.

The Emaze.com tools are free for a basic account.

Here’s one I threw together quickly…
http://app.emaze.com/602202/hello—kicking-the-year-off-right#slidenum=1Powered by emaze

Soundtracks for books

This is clever:  Booktrack.com.  Whether using the website or not, creating a soundtrack for a chapter or sequence in a text and explaining / justifying your choice is an engaging way to demonstrate comprehension and an understanding of the author’s purpose and audience.

Promotional video:

"Hands down the best decision my parents ever forced me to make!"

This funny parody of University promotional videos provides a provocative challenge to the value of a degree.

A number of articles recently have added fuel to this issue.  It might make a timely and relevant research task.  Particularly when tied to some explorations using MyBluePrint.ca 

VideoNot.es: The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!

A great Google Drive App (that connects to our HDSB Halton Cloud accounts) for taking notes while watching YouTube videos.  While watching videos, students can take notes that are synchronized with the video.  When you click on an item in your notes the video jumps to the point being referenced.  Great for annotating TED Talks or providing peer assessment or self-assessment on a student produced video or recorded presentation.

Best app, I’ve seen for doing a “close reading” of a media text.

VideoNot.es: The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos! — just click on the “Connect with Google Drive” button and the App will be added to your Halton Cloud account.  Find it listed as a choice when you “Create” a document in Google Drive.

Canadian Identity – Promoting Toronto – Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics are a great opportunity to think about point of view, national identity and culture, and the media texts that demonstrate these concepts.
Media Task

This assignment is designed to challenge students to reflect on how countries have presented themselves at past Olympic games and to consider how they might promote Toronto during the Pan Am games next summer:  Promoting Canada.