Keeping Book Club Discussions Fresh

Books clubs, novel discussion groups, literary analysis seminars, literature circles or whatever we call sitting down with students to thoughtfully and purposefully discuss a text they’re reading is my preferred way to study a novel, but like any instructional approach repetition can feel monotonous. One way to maintain student interest in the conversations is through the introduction of a second short text to the discussion. Provide the short text to the students just prior to the discussion and challenge them to interpret their novel in response to the new text.

Here are a few short articles / poems that might help:

  1. Character Analysis: Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset
  2. Character Analysis: How To Get Out of A Bad Mood
  3. Character Analysis: The Difference Between External and Internal Focus
  4. Plot Analysis: The Storytelling Animal
  5. Figurative Language Analysis: author John Green on his novel Fault in our Stars
  6. Thematic Analysis: Ozymandias and Arrogance 
  7. Thematic Analysis: A Dream Deferred


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