Truth – Trust – Embarrasment

Is being perceived as a “sucker” worse than losing?  The British game show “Golden Balls” turned the psychological experiment “The Prisoners Dilemma” into 5 minutes of compelling television.  This Radiolab podcast ( )tells the story of an honest man who used dishonesty to trick an untrustworthy man into trusting.

This assignment page leads students into thinking about their perceptions of trust, honesty and shame and asks them to apply their thinking to texts they’ve read.


Soundtracks for books

This is clever:  Whether using the website or not, creating a soundtrack for a chapter or sequence in a text and explaining / justifying your choice is an engaging way to demonstrate comprehension and an understanding of the author’s purpose and audience.

Promotional video:

Courage – First Person Narrative

Flight Attendant Nicole Foran tells the story of protecting her passengers when trapped on plane with hijacker
From CBC Radio’s “DNTO” on Saturday an amazing first person narrative from Governor General’s Star of Courage medal recipient Nicole Foran.  

“A few years ago, 173 passengers and airline staff had a truly terrifying experience. After they boarded their Halifax-bound plane in Montego Bay, a lone gunman forced his way in to the cabin and held them hostage. Nicole Foran, one of the plane’s flight attendants, shares the amazing story of how they made it home alive.” 
CBC Radio’s “DNTO” May 3, 2014