Spencer O’Brien distraught over her 12th place finish in slopestyle

Spencer O’Brien’s tearfully apologizes for her performance in the Olympic slopestyle event:

From CTV.ca:  Spencer O’Brien

“Sorry I’m just really disappointed right now,” she told reporters as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I had a really hard year coming back from some injuries. I was really happy to be riding the way I was here. 
I was just really excited to be a part of Team Canada. Just after watching Mark yesterday, I was really inspired to just try really hard to bring home a medal.
“I went for my hardest run and it didn’t work out today. So I’m really disappointed and really sad that I let Canada down.”


  1. How should a friend respond to Spencer O’Brien feelings about letting down her country?  
  2. Do you feel that the members of Team Canada are competing on your behalf?
  3. Review some of the profiles of members of Team Canada on the Olympics.ca website or CBC.ca “The Olympians” website – how do the profiles try to create an emotional connection between the audience and the athletes. Refer to specific details in the articles or videos to demonstrate your analysis.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/sochi/o-no-o-brien-finishes-last-in-women-s-slopestyle-final-1.1677700#ixzz2ssKh9ie9


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