Me to We: Global Voices

Romeo Dallaire

From: “The Fight Like Children, They Die Like Soldiers”
Roméo Dallaire found the two teenage deserters at a remote United Nations outpost in the northeastern corner of the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were in opposing militias, but shared a few things in common. Both were kidnapped and forced into war. Both managed to escape, and neither wanted to be a soldier anymore.”

Great article from Me to We about Romeo Dallaire’s book, They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children
Additional articles from Me to We available from their archive: Me to We “Global Voices” Archive

Viral Videos

Media Strand: Viral Videos
In this TED Talk,  Kevin Allocca explains why  some videos go viral. The attached document included two articles from TIME magazine that explain the financial side of viral videos (you’re not going to get rich) and the attempt by corporations to create viral videos.

Curriculum Connections:

 Audience Responses

1.4 explain why the same media text might prompt different responses from different audiences (e.g., explain why seniors and teens might respond differently to a political speech; suggest reasons why not all their peers like the
same type of music)

 Production Perspectives

1.6 explain how a variety of production, marketing, and distribution factors influence the media industry (e.g., suggest reasons why a film company is using the marketing strategies revealed on its website to market a specific new release; suggest reasons why particular products are
advertised in a specific magazine)
Google Doc Articles from TIME on Viral Videos

Classroom Connections:

Creative Task

How might the characters from one of the texts we’ve studied in class end up in a viral video? Demonstrate in your answer your understanding of the characters you select and your understanding of the factors contributing to a video going viral on YouTube.

Application Task

Research three viral videos. How well do they demonstrate the criteria Kevin Allocca outlined for the factors that cause videos to go viral? Create a presentation that applies Kevin Allocca’s analysis to your chosen videos.

Close Reading Analysis Task 

Which of the two article is a better example of a well organized essay? Evaluate the organizational structures of the two articles and explain why one is superior to the other. Demonstrate your understanding of each author’s purpose and intended audience.

News Paper Report vs TV News Report

Many students misunderstand the OSSLT’s news report task.

Having had limited experience with actual newspapers, students default to the model of news reporting they’re familiar with: the live report. This leads to many news reports that are told in the present tense and  in the first person.

These google docs describe a lesson comparing a video of an Ellen Degeneres’ interview with Brad Pitt to a newspaper report about the same interview.  Comparing News Reports and Newspaper Reports Lesson Plan

The lesson plan links to an in-class interview assignment and a handout describing the OSSLT news report using writing traits language.